Manuela Rosales

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Tuesday, 03 January 2012 17:17

manuela rosalesI studied at MAES from 9 to 12 years of age. I remember spending afternoons on homework, studying for many hours and learning things I thought I would never put to good use. I graduated as a lawyer nine years ago and my professional success wouldn’t be a sliver of what it is if it weren’t for my good handle of English, because the city of Antigua has visitors and residents for all over the world, and I have many English-speaking clients. Not only did I learn at MAES how to understand English, but the learning was also deep and well-rounded. My knowledge of grammar is precise and my spelling is excellent; last year I also became a certified translator. In addition, Ms. Patty always made an effort to share the cultural enrichment that comes with learning a new language. With every word or phrase we had an explanation of the context, to which she added her rich experiences. I have traveled the world climbing mountains. I owe a good part of my cultural awareness to MAES, and without knowing English I wouldn’t have the same opportunities to meet people and share with them on my trips. I had the chance to teach classes at MAES while I was a law student, during which time I kept learning a lot. MAES is part of my life as it is for many others, and we will always be grateful.

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