Enrollment Requeriments

·1 photocopies of the student’s birth certificate (of the current year or with six months of validity) or Guatemalan Personal Identification Document
·The receipt of a bank deposit slip in any of our accounts, made out to "Asociación de Docentes Escuela de Inglés Moderno Americano".
-Banco Reformador Cta. Nº 70-761139-9
-Banrural Cta. Nº 314804045-8
-GYT Continental Cta. Nº 030-0604926-6
-Banco Industrial Cta. Nº 016-005054-2

Cash, checks, or bank transfers are not accepted. School supplies from Librería San Judas Tadeu of this school can be paid through bank deposit to G&T Continental, Account No. 30-0612592-6, in the name of YEYUNIA, S.A.

Desposits on any banking agents are not accepted.


·Annual enrollment of children and adults: Q. 225.00
·Monthly fee for children, teens and adults: Q. 250.00


·Children: Q. 250.00
·Teens and adults: Q. 280.00
·Intensive starter course: Q. 100.00
·Identification badge: Q. 50.00