Anaité de la Cruz

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Tuesday, 03 January 2012 17:17

perfilI am Anaité De la Cruz Calderón, Guatemalan, 37 years old. Since I was very young I was attracted to Psychology, so that in 1993 I became a School Counselor and Learning Disabilities Therapist; in 1997 I got my Clinical Psychology license; in 1998 Specialization in Learning Potential Assessment at the University of Pontificia at Salamanca in Spain; in 2007, Audiblox Master Trainer in Spokane, Washington State, USA.
I am very convinced that although willpower and consistent work ethic are important to reaching our dreams, academic preparation is also important. That why it is important to me to share that since elementary school I was part of the “Big MAES Family,” where not only was I empowered, I was also guided as a person. In large part thanks to that, I can count among my achievements obtaining a Advanced University Studies Program scholarship from American College in Guatemala; 2 terms as Vice President of the Guatemalan Psychological Association and serving as the Logistical Coordinator at 5 International Psychology Conferences. Thank you Miss Patty!!

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