Heidi Contreras

Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 04 January 2012 02:36

heidiI started to study at MAES when I finished 9th grade and I was preparing to study for secretarial work. What began as an elective course became one the subjects I studied daily. Having an extra English class made my studies to become a bilingual secretary easier and more successful. I have very fond memories of my experience at MAES. Although we had to work hard in class and do a lot of homework, Ms. Patty always knew how to put a smile on our faces. The long hours I spent preparing for written and spoken final exams have paid off today in my ease communicating in English. As time passed and I started my own family, my children also became MAES students and I got the opportunity to join the school as a teacher, an experience that helped me enrich my English skills. Today my family and I live in an English-speaking country and we are constantly asked where we learned English. We get many compliments for our pronunciation and grasp of grammar. Speaking English really helped us assimilate into our new community. Our children had no problem adapting at school and have received recognition for their solid English proficiency. We owe our gratitude to MAES, and the compliments we receive are equally for the school, for Ms. Patty and for all the hard work MAES teachers devote to teaching English well.

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