Programs and Calendar

Preschool Level

2-6 years: M.A.E.S. Starter
7-8 years:  M.A.E.S.1
9-10 years:  M.A.E.S 2
11-12 years:  M.A.E.S 3

Elementary Level

7-8 years:  M.A.E.S.1
9-10 years:  M.A.E.S. 2
11-12 years: Four Corners 1 and Four Corners 2

Teens and Adults

Life 1, Life 2

Student Exchange

Since 2010, MAES has been partnered with a premiere education center in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. to provide student exchanges.  Interested students receive special preparation during the year. Students leave the third week of October and return the second week of November each year.
The cost of the exchange is $2000, which includes the plane ticket and medical insurance. 

Private Classes

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and TOEFL private courses, are taught upon request. $15 per hour.